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    I am a recent graduate of the University of Arizona and new resident of the Big Island of Hawai'i, where I teach middle school. I have always found a fascination with the written word. Through my academic pursuits, I have discovered an affinity for my pen. This blog covers various topics, styles, and forms of writing. My hope is that you may take something from it and that it pushes you to think critically about the topic at hand, one way or the other. I do not expect all my stances to be agreed with, but I do expect us learn from each other. I eagerly and openly await comments on my work. Thank you for stopping by and encourage you to read around.

Black SUVs

As I took in the fun downtown of Chicago after work this evening, all the while in search of a reasonably priced suit, a couple black SUVs rolled up to the curb no more than an arm’s length away. At the time, I was preoccupied with the phone, as I was on the line figuring … Continue reading

Return to Clapton

I recently drew out the 1998 Eric Clapton album “Pilgrim.” For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is the album that contains “My Father’s Eyes.” Sometimes I get caught up in finding new music, new sounds, new trends and returning to one of the greats was just what I needed. The entire album has … Continue reading

A Lifetime Without Country Makes For A Lot To Catch Up On…

I’ve spent a lifetime shunning country music. There was no substantive reason behind it, I just simply did not care for it. Now, I have grown up in a musical household, a father who uses music to teach me poignant lessons to this day, let alone to pay the bills in his younger years and … Continue reading

Humans are…

A song can evoke a world of experience. A moment can hold a treasure of history. Time can hold a painful, yet exciting constancy. I have recently been reflecting on how I came to this very place in my life. I live in Hawai’i – a statement that I would have never dreamt of saying. … Continue reading

Once More, If You Will.

In search for a word from the wise, Found: wound words that excise, Those wavering ways of old, Confidence¬†inserted, a taste of the bold. So this is what it feels like, To be one of those fear-free, Those ready and willing to strike, Simply – to – be… me, Relaxing, I just might decree. A … Continue reading

There’s A Run of Luck

I haven’t been to faithful to this blog in quite some time. However, I hope to rekindle some inertia in the right direction with a new idea I thought about. I decided to put together a playlist blog. If there is one thing that will never be a mystery to me, it is that I … Continue reading

My Wings

I once had my own span of wings protective they did seem comforting they did sing   Like a cloud they did hover In showers they did cover But I have lost my shelter When it’s clear from here That I’m still in need of her   Walk with me Lest we lose one day … Continue reading

In Memory of Ted Quillin: Your Grandpa Talked About The Good Ole Days, My Grandpa Lived Them

Early this morning, my family and I lost my grandfather, Theodore Ross Quillin. He was an exceptional human being. This exceptionalism is what brought him the hippest of scenes back in the day, radio. His rich and deep voice coupled with his fun and jovial disposition led him to popularity and success in the tough … Continue reading

Album Review: Panic! at the Disco’s “Vices & Virtues”

Panic! at the Disco is back on the block with a new album rekindling the flames of their first chart-topping debut “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” (2006). After going through some band member changes and some parting of ways, original members Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith are back at it and making music that … Continue reading


What is good? What does it mean for something to be good or bad? Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated in his essay “Self-Reliance” that man… “must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness.” I rather like this approach to the meta-moral question above, for the most common … Continue reading