The Dire Situation of Arizona Higher Education

University of Arizona’s President Robert Shelton proposed an indefinite tuition surcharge of $1,100. This proposal is in addition to the already set tuition increase of $545. That makes it a round total of $1645 of proposed tuition increases. I am unbelievably astonished and shocked to see the dismantling of not only the University of Arizona, … Continue reading

When We Fall Off of the Horse…

Recently, I put on an event series on the University of Arizona campus to benefit Darfur. After planning  and having the conceptual design of the event take various shapes, it finally took a more conservative form in the end. The event series took place last week and ended this past Sunday evening in the Grand … Continue reading

The Progression of Education, Knowledge, and Self…

The more I sit in classes reading classic texts and engaging in academic discourse I seem to teeter back and forth between two ideas, that being the fact that I am but one of thousands, upon millions, upon possibly billions, to have read and thought critically on these issues, and the other idea is more … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello Everyone! This is my first delve into blogging. I shall be narrating my life through this avenue, along with Facebook, and Twitter. As for now I guess a little information about me would suffice as an adequate introduction. I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona and currently double majoring in Philosophy and … Continue reading