When We Fall Off of the Horse…

Recently, I put on an event series on the University of Arizona campus to benefit Darfur. After planning  and having the conceptual design of the event take various shapes, it finally took a more conservative form in the end. The event series took place last week and ended this past Sunday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center. The event series was an epic and utter failure. No event garnered more than 20 attendees. After pumping over $750 into marketing for the event, contacting every media source in the city, county, and state. Needless to say, I am disheartened and feel quite beaten by this apathy my fellow classmates and general public feel about this and many other issues those around the world are facing. Upon reflection, I come to ask the question: What is it, what does it take, rather, to have a man show compassion for his brother, for his fellow man?

My conclusion was gain, personal gain to be more precise. This world, this country in particular has an overwhelming level of selfish constituents that care about nothing but their own personal gain. Where has all the altruism gone? Where has decency gone?

I won’t turn this into a formal critique of society, but my point is something needs to be done. Who is the one to do it? That phrase it starts with one person is true, but only to an extent. What happens when that person becomes so beaten and hardened by a life of battling that they give up. What is one to do?

However, I digress and conclude by saying that I will not give up, I will NOT give in. I will stand my position and refuse to wary. Helping others is the right thing to do. Helping those that can’t help themselves is the right thing to do. Showing respect to everyone and everything is the right thing to do. Holding your head up high at the end of the day and being proud of yourself and your actions is important. That being said I will remain steadfast in my seemingly never ending battle for justice.



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