The Dire Situation of Arizona Higher Education

University of Arizona’s President Robert Shelton proposed an indefinite tuition surcharge of $1,100. This proposal is in addition to the already set tuition increase of $545. That makes it a round total of $1645 of proposed tuition increases. I am unbelievably astonished and shocked to see the dismantling of not only the University of Arizona, but the State of Arizona, and furthermore, the country at large. Education is the solution, not the problem.

How the Arizona State Legislature refuses to fund education is beyond me. Producing well-educated professionals that will go out into the world create businesses, jobs, and revenue for the state is what will ensure our rise from this economic crisis, as well as the prosperous future of the state. Not only does raising tuition and fees make the state institutions unaffordable for in-state students, it deters out-of-state students from coming to the state as well. Furthermore, those out-of-state students would bring capital with them to invest and stimulate the Arizona economy.

The average for a state to allocate to financial aid to their state universities is about 60-70 million. Before this budget crisis Arizona only gave 13 million. Where is Arizona’s dedication to forward progress? 13 million is JOKE! That means the financial aid rests on the backs of students. Students which, everyone knows, have no money to begin with.

We will mobilize and attempt to fight this the best we can as we have in the past. Let’s show these regents just how much we care.


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