Time, Wounds, And All The Rest…

Does time truly heal all wounds?

The creation of relationships from nothing but shear tangible, yet invisible, energy. The ebbs and flows of the life’s ride these relationships take a shotgun seat for. The loss of chemistry, but the need to maintain contact.

And… in the end, there lies a friendship that once was one you held above all others, that now finds itself suspended in an unreachable place, unreachable to even attempt a resuscitation.

I use “relationships” above in a broad sense as mere historical accounts of two individuals’ interactions. I write these words so that I may expel any inner qualms I may have when pondering the evolution of these relationships. I am much concerned with how and why these “relationships” I speak of seem to grow, strengthen, weaken, seemingly end, and yet come back again.

I’ve personally damaged relationships. I’ve made decisions, nay reactions, in relationships that were simply causal in nature, and directly so from both mine and the other individual’s decisions. Were these actions that caused the somewhat catastrophic events and decisions within the relationship necessary? Were they merely things that should be overlooked?

We are all subject to the ebbs and flows of the everso random happenings in our microscopic existence in relation to everything else in our universe. Does this fact dictate that we as mere subjects of the greater randomness are to simply role over and take what comes? Or, are we permitted to make what we want, create and foster the relationships we wish, and, in a way, fashion the type of world we wish to live in?

I, personally, from time to time fall into a sense of despondence when faced with the greater universe and the life I genuinely want to make for myself. Therefore, I take and learn from the experiences of broken down and failed relationships with my fellow riders on the tsunami of life. I neither judge nor condemn their actions, for they might be as much of a random causal action of something from beyond their control as where the next drop of rain will fall on the planet. I will harness the everso continual feed of interpersonal interaction and hope to garner something beneficial from it.

If you are one of those whom I have fallen out of contact with, had a falling-out with, or simply never got to truly know you for who you are, please, I implore you to let me know how you are and help both of us grow and learn from each other.


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