ASUA Elections: Help Fix It or Don’t Complain

For those of you who seem to have extremely opinionated stances in regards to ASUA elections each and every year.

ASUA is an very large and complex organization.

Though the above statement is a seemingly vague one, it speaks volumes about the issues everyone takes hold of in opposition to the organization as a whole. The shear nature of the office does in fact breed a lot of the same. This is just a fact. However, in order to make change, one must learn about an organization first. It is illogical and unfeasible to expect someone who has had no experience within an organization of any size, to simply come in, sight unseen, and make prolific changes of any magnitude. This approach upsets, unsettles, and unhinges those who are already apart of the organization and, in the majority of cases, dooms the organization to failure, which really does those it serves a disservice.

Now, that last statement might be one that those frustrated anti-ASUAers think needs to happen.

My response is simple: if this were to happen, a many things would deteriorate into shambles. Services students take for granted would disappear, i.e. Safe Ride, club funding, Zona Zoo, and ASA.

Therefore, it is necessary for someone to come into ASUA and garner some knowledge of how things work, what people do, and how to get certain things done. Come talk to us at the least! Learn about the organization! Trust me, we won’t bite. We are, in fact, eager to talk about and teach students about all that we do.

I do not act like I have the solution to the woes of ASUA, but I do know that if someone were to come in cold turkey and attempt to make drastic changes there would be many things that would either impede their progress, which they would not understand or know how to get around, or, the other option, things would crumble and students would be left in the middle with the short end of the stick.

ASUA does have things to fix, like any organization, but I feel the positive contributions to the university and Tucson communities never get the commendation or recognition they deserve. Such is life, or so I am told. But, enough complaining! Make a change. Be the solution, not the problem. Give credit where credit is due.

To all you Senate prospectives:

If you haven’t spoken with an ASUA Senator or attended a Senate meeting, that would be in your best interest. I don’t feel I need to elaborate on the reasons why.

2 Responses to “ASUA Elections: Help Fix It or Don’t Complain”
  1. Tyler Quillin says:

    Haha! Thank you Desert Lamp for taking interest in the blog. Of course, I do not speak for ASUA in this blog, but rather from my own personal sentiments. Although your rebuttals are well ground and substantiated, I feel you might have missed my point. These entities I referred to rely on those dedicated students who run them. These entities would not be the same without these students’ dedication to those programs. In addition, the list was an extemporaneous listing. There are quite a few other programs ASUA offers, which you know, that would be negatively impacted if the aforementioned were to come to fruition.

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