The Night Passes Slowly…

As soon as the sun goes down time passes more and more slowly for the idler.

You can sit and stare at the work that piles up. You can think about all of those things you need to do, haven’t done, or want to do. That little phrase, “I’ll take care of that tomorrow” will suffice for any true productivity that will happen under the moonlight. All I hear is the dripping of the rain from my tin roof as it trickles down the sides of the casita I call home. The sticker about the situation is that the water seems to only hit right outside my window, and the only thing between where I lay my head and the constant pop of each drip of water is a brick wall that I swear was purposefully engineered to acoustically place the reverberation of each drip right in my ear.

Funny thing is that the night always wins. Regardless of what you wish to get accomplished, times past you reminisce on, or mistakes you wish you had back, the time will slip through your fingers. The time does pass more slowly, but pass it does. Or is it that the time passes more slowly in the night, or when you are alone with your thoughts???

Wake up in the morning…

Set both feet on the ground.

Take a deep breath in and out. Assess the damage of my seemingly completely mental adventures of a lonely noctural academic.

I then begin my day.

(Repeat 5x weekly; Weekends are entitled to their own description)


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