Matt Costa: One of My Favorites I Now Share With You…

Matt Costa is a musician I stumbled upon a few years ago and have truly become a big fan of. He has only released two albums, and I eagerly await his next release.

He has a pop-folk style that is extremely likable. Apparently, he was founded by Jack Johnson and this little factoid seems to make sense in an auditory way. Costa has the same carefree easy-going sort of feeling attached to his music as Johnson. But, enough of me simply discussing the music, let me share some of my favorites via the wondrous YouTube (his music videos are quite entertaining as well).


Something about this song keeps me coming back for more. Oddly enough, he is using a seemingly common guitar pick called a travis pick. I think it is his poetic lyrics and vocal style that lead me to listen, eager for where he will go with it next. Plus, a lot of the listeners fail to pay attention to the string section he has come in halfway through the song, in addition to the weird keys instrument playing olden style classical riffs in the background throughout.


Pay attention to the video. Musically it is extremely simple, yet a fabulous song. Most of the great early Beatles songs were three or four chords, like Love Me Do. But, Costa does have a cute simple harmony that comes in at times to fill the sound out vocally. Not to mention, he does a have a classic little folk solo smack-dab in the middle. This fun feeling song is just a great tune that I feel is accessible to anyone.

“Mr. Pitiful”

Some of you may notice this song from the movie I Love You Man when Paul Rudd is driving around and seeing all the billboards of himself around town. I personally just love that piano he plays throughout. I think that mere fact that it is so different than anything being played right now. A lot of Costa’s appeal I find is in his twist within simplicity. These songs have great added touches on top of pretty simplistic musical arrangements.

Lastly… “Vienna”

Vienna by Matt Costa

This is arguably my favorite driving song when it is raining. It has this sort of melancholy groove. I love how simply it sounds, but how much is really going on. He is playing an electric guitar. There is someone with shakers, which as a unique flavor themselves. Additionally, the drummer is playing very seldom hints of symbols. Then you have the hints of echoed piano in the background. This is one of his most complex songs. So, next time it is a little rainy outside, try out this song a see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face.

And thus, I give you Matt Costa. šŸ™‚


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