Fighting For Sustenance v. Spoon Fed Preservatives

When we look back on the evolution of the experience of the human condition, it can seem like a fictional tale of some other species of beings inhabiting some landscape unknown to us.

I say this because we can come from the fire-less cold scavenger’s existence to an iPad wielding BK Lounge enthusiast’s life. I would be absolutely useless if you even took me back to the year of our country’s inception. I have no true skills to speak with which I could garner sustenance.

In reflection on where our society and where we, as a people, have come from, does it, or does it not, seem as though the human existence is in a constant state of change. I would have the largest culture shock if one were to place me into another time, even if it was only fifty or a hundred years ago. The same goes for anyone of that time if they were to experience one day of this present time. Imagine putting an George Washington in a 3D IMAX Avatar screening – would he even live through the opening credits without having a massive coronary?

Does the human experience in this constant state of change and evolution lose anything?

I would much like to speak with a man who is from another time, find out what he does with his time after his labor is done for the day. Whether he be a farmer, lawyer, or carpenter, I would like to know with what he occupies the vacant time of the evening and labor-less days of the weekend with? Would he spend this time of leisure reading Aristotle and furthering his intellect? Would he simply pass the time with endless conversation with his wife? Would he grow fond of the drink and waste this time as we are said to do with our televisions, etc.? Without television, computers, movies picture theaters, and Walmarts, what might people of other times do with their time?

Of course, I am not positing that these things have contributed only negative, i.e. time-wasting, things to society. I am merely inquiring into what we might have done without these things that we so use to define the present place in time.

What would I do if all the time I spent utilizing inventions like television, iPhones, computers, etc. were given back to me?

Maybe, I would have spent my energies studying that which interests me most, philosophy. Maybe, with all of this extra exertion into the development of the intellect I would be matriculating at an Ivy League institution and a good $50,000 – $60,000 deeper in debt. Well… I suppose that we could go all day and night with “maybes.” I do not mean to imply that I am unhappy with my present plot in life. To the contrary, I am quite happy at present. I have an amazing woman in my life that makes everything brighter and I am at the #13 philosophy program in the world. My family and friends are more supportive and loving than anyone could ask for. I got lucky with that philosophy ranking though, I only fell into philosophy and found it my passion after my first semester here at the University of Arizona.I think it is the gymnastics of the mind that it requires of its students.

I suppose I am at the end of my longwinded stream of thought on the evolution of society and its effects it has had on the human condition.

I am eager to hear your thoughts on the current human experience as compared to that the 17th Century man, 15th century man, etc. Please, do share…

2 Responses to “Fighting For Sustenance v. Spoon Fed Preservatives”
  1. chelekism says:

    I think it is the gymnastics of the mind that it requires of its students.

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO no……. way to bring in Caton wow

  2. Tyler Quillin says:

    Don’t act like you don’t dig philosophy because of the intellectual fortitude it necessitates. You said it yourself, that your philosophy courses are a lot more demanding than your other majors. 🙂

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