The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

Mr. James Brown the “Hardest Working Man In Show Business”

For those of you who have not had the privilege of an intimate introduction into the birth of funk with James Brown, let it begin.

I want the music to speak for itself, but a little background is necessary as a framework to truly understand the significance of his contribution to music.

He was a huge symbol during the civil rights movement, mainly because of his fame and public position, but more importantly for his political message within his much, i.e. songs like “Say it Loud… I’m Black and Proud.” He grew up in extreme abject poverty. He got by with little odd jobs, such as shoe shining. He known for being “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” and he garnered this nickname by his “leave it all on the stage” type of “give everything” performance style, in addition to his holding 5 or more jobs during that time in his life when he was trying to make it as a young musician with the Flames.

Enjoy the rest…

P.S. Imagine an artist of this day and age giving just half of what he does?



This song has always incited an emotional response in me every time I hear it. I find it so true and so touching. The musical string section adds a brilliant touch too, I think it gives the song the soft and emotional touch it needs, while maintaining the drumming and sweet guitar riffs here and there that give it the edge.


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