The Beatles Break-Up

It is about time I purge the subject of The Beatles on this blog, given that I hold myself to be their greatest fan. I chose to illuminate the subject of the band’s disbanding.

This is a topic that his highly debated and one that I feel is often misunderstood. First off, many have fallen into the common misconception that Yoko Ono broke up The Beatles. This is a widely spread fallacy. The Beatles were growing apart in many ways for some time and it was a natural artistic evolution that led to their disbanding.

Pablo Piscasso

Pablo Picasso

I do not deny Yoko’s having a role in the break-up, but to say that she is solely responsible for them going their own ways is to fall into a false belief. She absolutely played a role in the band’s life and, as such, a role in the band’s end.

A schism in artistic expression is everso apparent in the music of each of The Beatles leading up to their disbanding. That is to say that the type of art they wanted to produce individually was not in alignment with the other members of the band. To better

understand this concept, consider:

Peter Max

John Lennon as painting things like Salvador Dali,

where Paul was painting things like Peter Max,

and George was painting things like Picasso.

Salvador Dali

These painters represent a vast and widespread view of painting styles, though they all express in the same medium, they do so in extremely different manners.

Consider John’s – “Across The Universe” Let It Be, “Because” Abbey Road, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” White Album, “Revolution” White Album

Consider Paul’s – “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” Abbey Road, “Rocky Racoon” White Album, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” White Album

Consider George’s – “Here Comes the Sun”Abbey Road, “Within You, Without You” Sgt. Peppers,

Of course the list can go on forever, but this is just a brief overview of the splintering of artistic expression.

Additionally, it is very evident in their solo careers as well.

John Lennon goes on to write songs like, “Imagine,” “God,” and “Working Class Hero”

Paul McCartney goes on to write songs like, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Silly Love Songs,” “Live and Let Die,” and “Band On the Run.”

John went on to begin an activist lifestyle, making statements with his music about the present political climate and human condition. Whereas, Paul, go love him, he just has a fabulous knack for writing pop-hit songs. That is not to say that he hasn’t written touching and powerful music throughout his career.

I encourage you to google any of these songs and give them a listen. They are all revolutionary songs in their own right for the music industry.


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