Saving Private Ryan

I watched Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan this evening and it struck me as it never has before. I have always been extremely intrigued by World War II. However, this night I have had a profoundly emotional response to the powerful story of war, freedom, and sacrifice. I have been pondering the worth of life … Continue reading

Ricky Martin “Comes Out”

(This piece is co-authored by Diana Heyer. Her blog can be found here.) I love Ricky Martin. His hits like “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “Shake Your Bon Bon” take me back to my school play ground and a great revival of Latin pride that Latinos everywhere felt and loved. Today Ricky Martin announced that … Continue reading

Twilight Fad

Say the word “twilight” in a room of tweens and see the hysteria ensue. It is this hysteria that has prompted the writing of this piece. I want to discuss the whole Twilight Saga craze that is upon the nation at present. As an English Literature major and Harry Potter fan, I felt it necessary … Continue reading

Blockbuster Video, Have They Gone Too Far?

With the rising popularity and use of such movie services as Netflix and Red Box, Blockbuster Video has seemingly had to leap through hoops to remain relevant in the home movie rental market. They initiated a no late fee program, which was then terminated. They initiated a one dollar-one night rental program, which has since … Continue reading

My Health Care Reform Proposal: Bikram Yoga

As many of you undoubtedly are aware, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the health care reform bill. Everyone is up in arms about it. Some are extremely in-favor and others are adamantly opposed. I think everyone can agree, that the idea of everyone being healthy and everyone having a plan B when their … Continue reading

In the Midst of the Mist

Ralph Waldo Emerson once argued that we, as humans, are in constant movement, i.e. once we attain and new state, we simply push forward through towards another. With that, I feel I am, at present, in the focus of a circle within a life transition, a new state is on the horizon. My collegiate career’s … Continue reading

She says… I say…

She says she loves me. I say I love her more. She says I’m the reason she wakes up every morning. I say she is the reason I never want to close my eyes. She says I’m beautiful. I say she is the measuring stick used for all beauty. She says she misses me. I … Continue reading

I am an Idealized Man.

I am an idealized man. I hold my convictions close to my heart. I hold my heart close to my person. I hold my person above all, but never above repute, for we all make mistakes and we all need to be open to new ideas, perspectives, and critiques. I am an idealized man. I … Continue reading

Turning 21

I turn 21 years old on March 13th, this Saturday. I find it odd that when this fact comes up in conversation the overwhelming response I get deals with my ability to remember the festivities of my celebration. This response is sparked by the cultural ideal held about alcohol and its respective arbitrary age of … Continue reading

Is It Wrong…

Is it wrong for me to miss her the second our hands stop touching? Is it wrong for me to think on her gaze when it isn’t gazing at me? Is it wrong to feel withdrawal when her lips aren’t touching mine? Is it wrong to want her so close that I can’t hold her … Continue reading