Obsession With the Downfall of Others

Why are we, as a society, so attracted to the collapse and fall of others, primarily celebrities?

I think that celebrities are brought into this conversation simply by the mere nature of the fact that they are in the lime light, they are more accessible to the public than others.

I remember when Britney Spears was going through her serious mental breakdown and the public just seemed to watch on eagerly as if to sincerely desire the next outrageous faux pas she would commit would outdo the last. I guess the press is to share some of the blame in this discussion, for if they did not hound Britney, as they do many others, and attempt to capture every single second of her life, the information and pictures would not be out their for public consumption, like a drug for the masses.

What is the matter with people? Why would someone’s darkest hour be intriguing and captivating to a stranger?

I physically feel the need to avert my eyes when the media attempts to air someone’s dirty laundry on those rag racks at the grocery check-out lanes. To what advantage is it to anyone to peer into another human being’s downward spiral. I can only imagine if it were one of my family members in those magazines or on TMZ, or even myself and the effects those magazines would have on those I love.

There is seriously something perverted about our obsession with the deterioration of the lives of others. I do not pretend that this blog has answered any questions behind the reasons of this interest, but I hope it opens at the very least an inner dialogue about what is acceptable and what isn’t in regard to the press coverage of others in their darkest hours.

One Response to “Obsession With the Downfall of Others”
  1. It’s really sad that our society thrives off watching successful people fail. This happens with student leaders, hard workers, straight A students, and pretty much anyone who does well. It goes beyond the “misery loves company” mentality. It’s easier for these individuals to feel better about their own failures when they see someone else crash and burn.

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