Is It Wrong…

Is it wrong for me to miss her the second our hands stop touching?

Is it wrong for me to think on her gaze when it isn’t gazing at me?

Is it wrong to feel withdrawal when her lips aren’t touching mine?

Is it wrong to want her so close that I can’t hold her tight enough?

Is it wrong for me to deny myself simple things to give her more?

Is it wrong to want more for her than I do myself?

Is it wrong of me to measure all other beauty by hers?

Is it wrong of me to love?

Is it wrong for me to love like this?

Is it?

Is it wrong…

How could it be, when it feels so right?

5 Responses to “Is It Wrong…”
  1. I know this feeling all too well! We’re lucky to experience it, actually. Some people are too afraid to care about someone else this much because of the risk. But, big risks lead to big rewards if you’re lucky!

  2. dianaheyer says:

    Is it wrong of me to tear up when I read these words? I think not. I am so in love with you. I look forward to when our hands touch again. I love you.

  3. TRQ2 says:

    It is wrong…that everyone in the world doesn’t get to feel this way sometime in their life. So happy the two of you do.

  4. Not wrong; oh, so right.
    We are the lucky few who have the opportunity to feel this way!

    I sometimes have to remind myself, when others look down upon my love, or think of it as silly or over-the-top, that it is THEY who are mistaken and missing out.

    Keep loving, as much as your heart can bear it; like you know, the payout is so, so sublime.

  5. GZ says:

    Not wrong, at all. Instead, it’s so true. Real love is a lot of work, a lot of pain, but the most rewarding emotion one can experience. Well said.

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