Turning 21

I turn 21 years old on March 13th, this Saturday.

I find it odd that when this fact comes up in conversation the overwhelming response I get deals with my ability to remember the festivities of my celebration. This response is sparked by the cultural ideal held about alcohol and its respective arbitrary age of legal consumption. I feel these responses are derived more so from that fact, rather than my own character.

I am not a drinker. I have no intention of drinking more than one drink on my birthday, which I plan as more of a celebratory right of passage, rather than an attempt to alter my state of mind. I have indulged in the past. However, these feelings of drunkenness and changes in state of mind do not appeal to me.

However, with these things being said, I am extremely excited to put this milestone behind me. I am averse to the idea of some arbitrary age keeping me from engaging in activities, which I know myself to be completely competent in partaking in. The issue that arises when I make this argument is that there are those who are not mature enough, responsible enough, or competent enough to engage in the consumption of alcohol in the appropriate manners. Why? Why are these people incapable of partaking in alcoholic endeavors unsuccessfully, by societal standards? Could it come down to parenting? Could it be hereditary issues? Could it be simply stressful life experiences that push them toward abusive consumption? The possibilities are endless.

To get back to the discussion I seem to have sparked, why is it that everywhere else on the face of the planet people of other countries are more responsible with alcoholic consumption? I ask this questions because every other country in the world has a lower drinking age.

To finally be 21 makes me eager to going dancing/clubbing. I am excited to enjoy a fun night out on the town with my girlfriend and not be turned away due to the fact that I have not seen 21 orbits around the sun. I am eager to celebrate my right of passage into the 21+ category. I look forward to having a glass of wine when I feel like it and having no one to tell me no on account of my age. I look forward to a life of responsible alcoholic consumption. All in all, I look forward to a fun and happy life.

4 Responses to “Turning 21”
  1. Diana says:

    I love it! You are so amazing and mature, my Love. This is why i am so in love with thee. My favorite line “21 orbits around the sun.”

  2. Jessica says:

    As you say the reason’s are endless. I watched a few friends drink themselves into an early grave. So sad. I’m glad you have the maturity to handle this birthday with class. I too had one drink on my 21st bought for me by my Dad. 🙂 May you have many more birthdays and may your life be filled with light and love.

  3. Once again, excellent indight, Tyler. I didn’t go crazy on my 21st, and I have no regrets. I remember going out to a nice dinner with my family and feeling too tired to bar hop later on. My older brother thought it was weird, but not everyone feels the need to get trashed for the sake of turning 21.

    What’s ironic is that you’ll be in Vegas, your hometown, and you have no desire to go crazy, unlike about 75 percent of college aged students in your position. I commend you for being comfortable enough with yourself to have a memorable evening with your girlfriend. Thanks for not planning to be obloterated, unlike pretty much everyone else. Its boring to hear the same old story over and over again. You may be the only guy to spend your 21st birthday in Vegas without intending to put your liver at an obscenely high risk for the occasion. Go Tyler!

  4. Spencer says:

    I used to think it fun to go out and get hammered beyond belief, but as I got older the less appealing it is. At this point the most I’ll have is a couple beers, just enough to get relaxed and maximize my enjoyment of a night out.

    I’d say lower the drinking age but it comes back to the “we are all snowflakes” theory. Probably all of the questions you asked are all factors, making the problem next to impossible to define.

    Either way, have fun on your bday, and we’ll end up doing something this weekend!

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