I am an Idealized Man.

I am an idealized man.

I hold my convictions close to my heart.

I hold my heart close to my person.

I hold my person above all, but never above repute, for we all make mistakes and we all need to be open to new ideas, perspectives, and critiques.

I am an idealized man.

I hold knowledge high.

I hold the cultivation of new knowledge higher.

I hold ignorance in contempt, for if one is aware of their ignorance and refuses to change their position, there is no use to waste one’s time with this individual, for they prove of no use to themselves or their community.

I am an idealized man.

I hold experience close to my mind.

I hold new experience essential to the cultivation of my person.

I hold monotony and idleness to be base, for one will never grow through either of these and if one cares not to grow in this life, then this is ignorance of the human experience and I have already discussed ignorance above.

I am an idealized man.

I write this today from a desire to discuss why I hold my ideals close. I am indeed and idealist. I look for the best in every situation, but take note of the negatives as well. One must know the positives and negatives in the present in order to work towards a better future. Though I am idealized, I am absolutely open to broadening my knowledge, understanding, and experience. My ideals can and do change, just as do everyone’s.

I am an idealized man.

2 Responses to “I am an Idealized Man.”
  1. skepHoocofe says:

    Hi, I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, plz :-]

    • I am humbled that you would like to do so. Thank you. I am unsure as to how I might go about doing that too. Allow me to look into it a bit and I shall get back to you. Thanks again!


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