My Health Care Reform Proposal: Bikram Yoga

As many of you undoubtedly are aware, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the health care reform bill. Everyone is up in arms about it. Some are extremely in-favor and others are adamantly opposed. I think everyone can agree, that the idea of everyone being healthy and everyone having a plan B when their health declines are both good things. With that being said, I give you Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga is comprised of 26 postures specifically chosen for their healthful benefits to the human body performed for 90 minutes in a heated and humidified room. The room is maintained at 115 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity for the duration of the class. This may sound like torture to some, but I can wholeheartedly attest to its amazingly beneficial results to the human body, human psyche, and overall human experience. Each posture is chosen for its unique benefits to the human body; some poses stimulate metabolism, some joint health, some pancreatic functions, some for spinal health, and so on. Bikram Yoga is a complete body workout, from head to toe, there is not one muscle or organ left unscathed. The process is detoxifying and meditative. I would highly encourage any and all to try it at least once.

I started Bikram up in the San Francisco bay area over the summer. Though it posed some unique challenges physically that I had never dealt with and the sessions were quite literally torturous, I kept coming back. After every class I felt euphoric. That phrase, “high on life” can incontrovertibly be applied to the post-Bikram state of mind and body. I didn’t know really why I kept going back. All I did know is that I just felt so good, better than I had ever felt in my entire life. After going for months without the practice of Bikram, I was longing for the same euphoric feelings yielded me by my summer yoga practice. Finally, on Sunday, I began once again with my practice of Bikram yoga. I have gone back every single day since; today marks my fourth consecutive day that I have gone to a class. I am absolutely addicted. It feels amazingly. I have chosen to take 90 minutes out of each day and give that time to myself. Even after four days, I feel healthier, stronger, and more at ease with myself and body.

If all practiced this medicine of Bikram Yoga, it would certainly yield the most beneficial and healthful results to all Americans, more than any health care reform bill might bestow unto them. However, I assume that this is just useless pontification, isn’t it? For, it would be silly to even conceive of implementing any type of mandatory practice of yoga into the lives of all Americans. That is assuming that the fatty, fried, high-fructose corn syrup, preservative-loving masses wouldn’t put together a protest of this healthful mandate. I can hear a sour-faced curmudgeon now objecting to the notion of Bikram Yoga because he likes his “Six Dollar Burger,” french fries, and clogged arteries just fine. Besides, he might miss American Idol in the 90 minutes he is lengthening his life by practicing Bikram Yoga and there are just important things and then there are unimportant things. Furthermore, what would McDonald’s and other fast food chains have to say about this mass subscription to healthful lifestyles, which would more than likely lead to the process of unappetizing fast food as a whole in the minds of Americans?


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