Ricky Martin “Comes Out”

(This piece is co-authored by Diana Heyer. Her blog can be found here.)

I love Ricky Martin. His hits like “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “Shake Your Bon Bon” take me back to my school play ground and a great revival of Latin pride that Latinos everywhere felt and loved. Today Ricky Martin announced that he is a “fortunate homosexual man.” I have many feelings about him choosing to now come out.

First off, I am extremely happy that he had the courage and confidence to be true to himself on a global platform. I also resent the fact that it is being made to be such a big deal. It is this fact, the fact that the press and everyone is making it such a big deal that bothers me. Why does it matter what his sexual preference is? It doesn’t! I understand that it has been made a larger issue by the mere fact that he has avoided answering the question for over a decade, but he wouldn’t have avoided the topic if our culture wasn’t so homophobic and if our society didn’t awkwardly dance around the topic instead of accepting these people as people, just as everyone else.

Homosexual people are just as you and I. To make such a big deal of this announcement is to set homosexuals apart and imply that this is a bigger deal than it is. Ricky Martin made great music that is happy and fun dance music, the public announcement of his sexual preference does not change that, it does not change a thing. He still remains the musician he was before today.

This is something I feel very strongly about. I hold it as part of my character, that all men and women are equal, that the only things that they will be measured or judged by is their character and their actions. I know it sounds very Martin Luther King Jr.-esque, but he happened to get it right, so why change it?

I am happy that Ricky has come public with this news. I’m glad he doesn’t have to shelter who he really is inside from everyone else, for that, I am overjoyed. However, I still resent the fact that it is being made such a big deal and that he even needed to make it such a big deal. The world shouldn’t care what sexual orientation anyone is. It is as my girlfriend so aptly said today, “It’s not like I came out and said,’I’m straight!'” She puts it so nicely I will close with it. I am interested to hear thoughts on this, so please share.

(To make the argument that by writing this blog I am making the issue larger fails, so please refrain from trying. This blog is illuminating the issue and providing thoughtful commentary that is meant to move us, as a society, towards a day when stars don’t have to set a press conference to announce things like this.)

5 Responses to “Ricky Martin “Comes Out””
  1. GZ says:

    ” all men and women are equal, that the only things that they will be measured or judged by is their character and their actions” – couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Mark says:

    When I saw the headline for that article as well, I thought the similar question of “…So? Who cares?” I agree with you with the idea that the press is making too big a deal out of his sexuality. What’s even more retarded is the fact that everyone already “knew” he was gay anyways, despite his lack of confirmation. So this isn’t even “news.”

  3. TRQ2 says:

    This blog reminds me of a dear friend who wore a toupee for YEARS thinking he looked better and was fooling people. Let me tell you, he didn’t and he wasn’t. When he finally threw away the rug and shaved his head completely, he felt an all-encompassing freedom and lifted a two-ton weight off of his shoulders. I know it’s easier said than done, but my advice: be yourself and let other people deal with you. That’s living la vida verdad.

  4. Spencer says:

    Ricky Martin is alive?

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