love’s final act

What sweet elixir long-last has ceased it effects, Must the veil be pulled from what was so perfect? My world was set euphoric upon your arrival, My heart never knew its bounds before you, But, now it prepares for a low unknown. Hark! Help! Halt! All hands on deck, For life is raining, The gutters … Continue reading

CNN Quoted ME!!!

CNN came to the University of Arizona to hear the student response to AZ SB1070 and I was fortunate enough to have been interviewed. Check it out here.

AZ Legislation Legalizes Racial Profiling: SB1070

“Legal racial profiling a no-win situation” By: Tyler Quillin (Arizona Daily Wildcat 4/22/10) As a current resident of the state of Arizona, I am embarrassed by Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa). As an out-of-state student, he has forced me to question why I came to such an illogical place. He forces me to question the … Continue reading

Mumford & Sons

There is a new sound emerging on American mainstream music charts, that is the sound of Mumford & Sons. This British folk quartet finally makes their American debut with an album that inspires and cultivates its listeners to long for a British heritage of their own. Lead singer Marcus Mumford’s voice has a crooning sound … Continue reading

Emotionally Detached Sometimes – You?

Have you ever not felt what you thought you were supposed to feel? Have you ever felt disconnected from the natural response to something? I have. Does this make me inhumane? Does this make me emotionally impotent? No. I feel I have a more emotionally charged character than most. I feel. I feel happiness, sadness, … Continue reading

A Commentary On Aging…

There is something piercing about the emotive stare of an old man. Eyes that have seen the world. A mind that has been taxed with the task of living and experiencing the changing times. From day-to-day, I sometimes feel the next a stranger. Though I’ve never met this day and though this day has never … Continue reading

My Article in The Daily Wildcat

In the Daily Wildcat today I wrote a lengthy Op-Ed article about ASUA, its image in the student eye, and the Last Smash Platinum Bash of 2009. Check it out here.