A Commentary On Aging…

There is something piercing about the emotive stare of an old man. Eyes that have seen the world. A mind that has been taxed with the task of living and experiencing the changing times. From day-to-day, I sometimes feel the next a stranger. Though I’ve never met this day and though this day has never been had, it sometimes feels time moves too fast at night to yield to me a non-sequitur type of change in the world. But, imagine the type of change a man of years has experienced.

My grandfather is 80 years old. That means he we born amidst the worst economic climate known to man, second only to one of present. That means he’s seen world war. That means he’s experienced the birth of rock and roll. He has experienced the freshness, excitement, and shock value of Elvis, Madonna, and Lady Gaga. That means he has experienced the JFK assassination and 9/11. That means he has seen Model T’s, Formula I’s, and Smart Cars. That means he has witnessed us land on the moon and mars. That means he has felt the potent air of change during the civil rights movement. That means a lot of things. That, most likely, means a the world of today is so far removed from that of the world known upon his birth, that if compared side by side, it would be difficult to believe they belonged on the same planet.

In this archive of memory and experience, there is an understanding developed that manifests itself within the stare of an old man.

With time one acquires an understanding of what is important in life.

Do what you love, regardless of anything…

2 Responses to “A Commentary On Aging…”
  1. KO says:

    Reading this made me feel so old…except for WWII, the Depression, and a few other things, I’ve witnessed the same things as TQ One.

    • I feel as though the term “old: has a negative connotation associated with it in contemporary times. However, there must be an origin of the phrase, “respect your elders” and I would argue that the common usage in relation to getting children to behave is not its original usage. Rather, I assert that its origins are from a reverence we used to hold for those who have experienced and, thus, learned from life. I think age is beautiful. Each day hold surprise. Each day holds wonder. Each day holds wisdom to be had.

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