Emotionally Detached Sometimes – You?

Have you ever not felt what you thought you were supposed to feel?

Have you ever felt disconnected from the natural response to something?

I have.

Does this make me inhumane?

Does this make me emotionally impotent?


I feel I have a more emotionally charged character than most. I feel. I feel happiness, sadness, fear, etc. I feel these things and wear them on my sleeve.

However, if I do feel these things, what might that say about these times when I am detached from what I am supposed to react with?

Upon reflection I feel two responses. First, I question why I feel I am “supposed” to feel anything. That term “suppose” implies that there are external constructs that form how I am to be. I resent and reject this claim. Secondly, I wonder if there is truly something wrong with the psychological processes. If everything else works in accordance with the ways I expect them to, why do not these functions? Maybe, I am truly different from most in my thought process.

These are the things on which I think.

I suppose I am fine, just unusual, but where’s the surprise there?

One Response to “Emotionally Detached Sometimes – You?”
  1. Dave Wilson says:

    Emotional disconnect can be a defense mechanism. I would posit that “shock” is basically an emotional detachment from trauma. It is certainly “human.”

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