Our Nation’s Capitol

Today officially marks the completion of my first week in Washington D.C. I’d like to discuss type of learning experience I have had. I have been to the east coast several times, but this is my first time being on my own this far from home, let alone living out here. I have often described … Continue reading

Musicians; The Illuminators

Musicians of late seem to only delve into expanding their own bounds as individuals. Within them lies a greater responsibility, for in the days of old poetry was the form of written communication that illuminated the happenings of life. Now, musicians shoulder this burden. By all means, expand one’s creative mind, but do so in … Continue reading

I Turned Around… And I Was A Senior In College.

It seems like it was yesterday when my best friend and roommate, Sean Stephens, and I were done unpacking our new place away from home, done dropping off our parents at the airport, and simply staring at each other in sheer shock and excitement over the fact that we were finally away at college. There … Continue reading

Provocative Poem Permeates Personal Ponderations

I cannot live with You –  It would be Life –  And Life is over there –  Behind the Shelf The Sexton keeps the Key to –  Putting up Our Life – His Porcelain –  Like a Cup –  Discarded of the Housewife –  Quaint – or Broke –  A newer Sevres pleases –  Old Ones crack –  I could not die – with You –  For One must wait To shut … Continue reading

My Mothers, Yes There Are Two.

My mother is a woman with great intellectual aptitude and mental strength. She never ceases to amaze or impress me. From her humble beginnings in a trailer to graduating from a top-tier law school and becoming a city attorney, she is the definition of an inspirational success story. She has set the bar extremely high … Continue reading

I’ve Never Won Before!

Last Thursday evening was the Associated Students of the University of Arizona End of the Year Banquet. Among the awards given was “Senator of the Year.” I have never won an award from my peers in my life… before that night. I write this blog not to gloat or boast, but to express my deepest … Continue reading