I’ve Never Won Before!

Last Thursday evening was the Associated Students of the University of Arizona End of the Year Banquet. Among the awards given was “Senator of the Year.” I have never won an award from my peers in my life… before that night. I write this blog not to gloat or boast, but to express my deepest thanks and convey my complete and utter shock. I know people say, “I totally didn’t expect this” and everyone goes, “Yeah, right.” But, this time it is genuinely true. I had no idea I would be chosen and I can’t begin to communicate how truly touched I am that my fellow senators felt me deserving of this award and how much it means to me that they did so.

When it came to senate this past year, I just had a passion for everything I was doing, whether that be sitting in on interviews, creating the Peer Mentorship Program, or writing resolutions. I was enthralled in the experience and attempted to simply make a tangible impact in the lives of students.I am proud of my work as a senator and hold that it was the highlight of my career here at the University of Arizona and even my life for that matter. I loved it.

The position of ASUA Senator is one that is extremely intriguing, for there is not true job description other than serve the students. Therefore, it is up the determination and work ethic of each individual senator to get things done. I think I used my time wisely and accomplished some wins for students across the campus. I stand by my work and decisions as a senator and will hold my time as a senator very close to my heart.

I look forward to serving the student-body once again this next year as the ASUA Academic Affairs Executive Director. My passion for student advocacy has brought me to a new venture into the academic experience at the University of Arizona. I hope to help in any way I can, most immediately with textbooks, the academic advising task force, and student transitions. These are areas and topics that have already seen a lot attention and work in the past year and I only hope to help further ensure their positive impact on students.

I thank each and every one of you who helped me in any facet throughout this past year, it is to you that this award belongs. No matter how cheesy and cliche I may sound saying this, I don’t care; without you, none of it would have been possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Tyler R. Quillin


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