Our Nation’s Capitol

Today officially marks the completion of my first week in Washington D.C. I’d like to discuss type of learning experience I have had. I have been to the east coast several times, but this is my first time being on my own this far from home, let alone living out here.

I have often described it to my family as a difference that is potent in the air, a sort of energy about the metropolis. My fellow colleagues come from every corner of the country, they have accomplished great, amazing, and interesting things. Simply talking with them is a learning experience in and of itself.

Walking the streets of this city you will see various embassies for a slew of countries across the globe, you will hear a multitude of languages, you will see an exceptional representation of fabulous educational institutions, i.e. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Boston College, UCLA, Berkeley. This is my first time being exposed to an environment of this sort. Everyone is bright. Everyone brings something new and intriguing to the table.Everyone seems to be engaging in intellectual and important discourse.

My favorite part of the east coast is all the history on every corner. The west coast has the stigma against anything that is over 20 years old. However, back east there are buildings and things that are hundreds of years old simply sitting on the side of the road. I think people who live out here might take this history around them for granted. I know that I took Las Vegas for granted, until I moved away. Even moving here, I needed something at like 7:30pm and nothing was open. In Las Vegas, everything is open all the time. There is never an issue with finding a place to buy the supplies for a barbecue at 2am.

The architecture, the streets, even the interpersonal communication styles fascinate me. Where on the west coast it is considered rude not to greet someone with a smile and ask them how they are before ordering your coffee, etc., back east it seems like it is all about efficiency. They do not see it as rude to immediately ask you what you want without any cordial greeting, for in a few minutes they will forget your face and the few seconds they wasted asking you how you were will have been a simple waste of time and loss of business.  Maybe I am simply recognizing an aspect of any large metropolis.

Let this summer remain one for the record books… To Be Continued…


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