My Girl

So, my life was on track and going great until today. I made a poor and foolish decision. I only meant to aid and empower a new friend who has been extremely down on her luck and self-esteem of late. However, it was taken the wrong way and misunderstood. Being 3,000 miles away doesn’t help … Continue reading


I have just completed my fifth week here in Washington DC. In intern years I am about ready for file for AARP and around the corner from Social Security. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime. Though that statement sounds cliché and overused, there are reasons why something becomes deemed “cliché.” I have … Continue reading

My Best Friend

Around every corner there has always been a guiding voice forming the man I am today – my father’s. If there is one person that truly understands who I am and how my mind works, it is my father. I consistently hear his voice in my head and even coming out of my own mouth … Continue reading

Everytime I Enter a Room…

If I had a theme song… What would yours be?


Someone to stay close; to me. Someone to take in the show; with me. Someone to pursue happiness; with me. Someone to watch the moon; beside me. Someone to share it all; alongside me. Someone to hold and restore; myself to me. Someone to love me; for me.

Saturate My Life

Might there be a room full, None do I see, but thee, We dance, we twirl, The spot shine on us – and us alone, Our gaze shift not a pinch, Lost in each others’ world. Your body molds to my embrace, Your face is both full, empty, and convincing, Your eyes tell the story … Continue reading