My Best Friend

Around every corner there has always been a guiding voice forming the man I am today – my father’s. If there is one person that truly understands who I am and how my mind works, it is my father. I consistently hear his voice in my head and even coming out of my own mouth at times. I am beyond lucky to have someone who is not only the coolest person I have ever met in my life, but as my father and best friend.

This is a man who has lived as a professional musician. This is a man who has written speeches for a governor. This is a man who has created advertising that people from all over the world have seen. This is a man who constantly reveals amazing stories. This is a man who has the wisest insights into some of the life’s most pivotal moments. Those who have met him know exactly what I am talking about and can attest to the validity of everything I have said about him. This is a man I am only proud to call my friend, but my father and best friend.

He is sometimes overshadowed by my loving and quite often vocal stepmother, but when he speaks, he always has something profound or hilarious to say.

This is not first time I have written of my father on this blog and it will not be the last.

Here’s to the best man I know! Happy Father’s Day Pop! I love you to death and hope to see you soon.

2 Responses to “My Best Friend”
  1. This is the nicest post ever. I love it.

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