I have just completed my fifth week here in Washington DC. In intern years I am about ready for file for AARP and around the corner from Social Security. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime. Though that statement sounds cliché and overused, there are reasons why something becomes deemed “cliché.” I have learned more than I could have thought possible. The work I have been doing has been substantive and intellectually engaging.

I think that the taste of Capitol Hill has started the wheels turning in terms of how I can get back here. The work is exciting and for the most part, having a hand, however small is might be, in effecting peoples’ lives is a feeling that cannot be communicated.

The next question is how will I come back? As a legislative/policy fellow? As a staffer? As a lobbyist? Who knows? There are quite a few avenues that lead back to Capitol Hill and all are treacherous at times and very temperamental. I hope that things work out for me in that sense.

The biggest issue with Washington DC is that my family, friends, and girl friend are 3,000 miles away and 3 hours behind. Not many folks think of the time difference when looking into travel or relocation. That is the worst! It would be so much easier if we were all on the same time schedule. I love and miss them terribly. That might serve to be the greatest challenge in making the move out here.

On another note, I received a thank you note from a constituent yesterday. I gave her and her granddaughter a tour of the Capitol and she sent me a thank you card. I am really touched. It was great to, in the midst of a stressful and hectic Friday, to receive such kind words. The fact that this woman took time out of her day to write me  a thank you note is touching. She doesn’t know how much she made my day!

Tune in next time…


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