My Girl

So, my life was on track and going great until today.

I made a poor and foolish decision. I only meant to aid and empower a new friend who has been extremely down on her luck and self-esteem of late. However, it was taken the wrong way and misunderstood. Being 3,000 miles away doesn’t help the matter. While I am here dying in heartache and anxiety, she is hurting too. I wish I could explain to her what it was. I wish I could hold her and tell her I only have eyes for her, that before this I was working on solidifying our lives together. *wink wink*

She has every right to be upset and mad. I would be too. I just wish I could help her to understand and aid both of us in moving past this and back to our usual loveliness.

We were almost there. We were almost at that point where we were before, back to loving each other like newly weds. And… I ruined it.

Falling in love is easy, maintaining it, nourishing it, growing it is the hard part.

Wish me luck everyone. I love this woman to death. It will be a lonely road ahead without her. She is my everything. I don’t remember life without her.

2 Responses to “My Girl”
  1. Tyler, I am sorry you’re feeling so guilty. I must say, I am impressed that you have the courage to put this all on the internet. If you were unfaithful (as this entry implies), I’d like to give you some news: You’re not a cheater, Tyler. It’s not in your blood. Sometimes, we act out of character. The world isn’t black and white.

    The fact that you’re coming out with this confession proves that you’re an honest man, that you have no secrets with the one you love. I have friends who claim to be in the strongest, most perfect relationships ever, and they’ve cheated. The only difference is that these friends never told their significant others about it. But you’re brave enough to come forth with the truth, and it’s because you don’t keep anything from Diana. You’re taking the risk of losing her, but at least she will know what really happened.

    I believe she will forgive whatever happened. You both can make it through this. As I said earlier, you’re not a bad person, and I hope she can see that.

  2. Kristal Hansley says:

    Good luck Tyler!

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