Q’s Song of the Day: “Fire With Fire” – The Scissor Sisters

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Fire With Fire” by The Scissor Sisters. I drove from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV today for a much-needed weekend of R&R. I must say that there is nothing like being on the open road with good tunes. The time to think and process everything going on … Continue reading

Day 3: Tyler’s Lifestyle Change

This blog will be the first of another semi-frequent blog series about my consistent progress towards a healthy lifestyle. So, as some of my close friends know, I have been going through quite a bit lately on a personal level. However, rather than eating myself out of a depressive state, as per my usual tendencies, … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “Give Peace a Chance” – John Lennon

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon. In light of the present situation going on with regard to Arizona SB1070, I felt that someone should be advocating that everyone on either side of the issue to give peace a chance. The issue at hand is one that is … Continue reading

A Boy Called Sir

I’ve been referred to as “sir” quite a bit lately. I am conflicted in regards to my sentiment of this growing frequency of occurrence. I do not feel like a “sir.” It especially becomes difficult for me to digest when someone older than myself calls me “sir.” I understand the occasional facetious use of the … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” – Edith Piaf

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” and it is by Edith Piaf. I have always had this fascination with foreign languages, French and Portuguese in particular. When I was in middle school, I was very absorbed into Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto’s album “Getz/Gilberto.” For those of you who … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” – The Beatles

Q’s Song of the Day selection is “You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles As someone who redefines what it means to be fanatical about a band in regards to my love for The Beatles, it is only appropriate I turn to them to aid in my moments of pain, healing, and … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “White Blank Page” – Mumford & Sons

Q’s Song of the Day is “White Blank Page” by Mumford & Sons. This band is from the UK and have only recently made some waves in the US music scene. I have actually written a blog about them before, find it here. This song has reached out to me lately, as did yesterday’s song. … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “I’m Looking Through You” – The Beatles

This is the first of a daily installment series I will be starting called “Q’s Song of the Day.” Today, “Q’s Song of the Day” is “I’m Looking Through You” by The Beatles. While I digest the recent happenings in regard to my amorous relations, I begin to enter into a new relationship with some … Continue reading

The Tree and Me

This tree I stand before has been towering above us long before the mere thought of my existence had passed through the minds of my parents. It will continue to tower long after the memories of my existence fade from the minds of my family, friends, and whatever history bears my name. It has seen … Continue reading

It’s Funny How…

It’s funny how things turn out. It’s funny how things turn course. It’s funny how minds change. It’s funny how paths cross. It’s funny how relationships dance. It’s funny how friendships dance. It’s funny how time flies. It’s funny how years feel like days. It’s funny how seconds feel like hours. It’s funny how love … Continue reading