“All I Believe In”…And All I Ever Care To.

“All I Believe In” – The Magic Numbers and Amadou & Miriam

This song has touched my heart since the motion picture it accompanied hit the silver screen, the second installment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon. Going through some deeply emotional moments at present in regard to my romantic life, this song has revived a new sentimentality in me. I have always been a man who is in touch with the softer sides of life. I have an affinity for the arts, romance, poetry, etc.

This song speaks to the mysteries and concurrent certainties that intertwined together form the emotional and physical state of the human condition we call love. There are a many mysteries that embody this human experience. However, in all one’s opaque understanding, there always stands one certainty, love and a true connection with another human being. Within this lovely fog, one may not know when or where the next moment may provide sustenance, shelter, a cure, or anything to that effect, but one thing that holds true as a constant moment to moment is a completely tangible and potent attraction between two human beings. This song illuminates the opaqueness.

There is something about the sweet weave of the African touches in percussion and vocals at points with the alternative folk style of The Magic Numbers that moves my heart and mind to the same cadence of breath, surging to the pace of love’s inspiration. It is important to remember that though love is painful at times, just as euphoric as it is at other times, it always inspires personal growth. The lyrics ring true for anyone who has been engulfed by the intoxicating sensation of amorous infection. There are things that seem unimaginable in the webs of love that somehow seem tolerable if only that other is in our life. This song has far and away captured the spirit of that piece of love. It is easy to write to the directness of love, but to discuss the periphery, yet highly impactful, phenomenon of an experience that we deem love – is seldom even mentioned.

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