The Tree and Me

This tree I stand before has been towering above us long before the mere thought of my existence had passed through the minds of my parents. It will continue to tower long after the memories of my existence fade from the minds of my family, friends, and whatever history bears my name. It has seen evil. It has seen love. It has seen rain, sleet, and snow. Its knowledge far out weighs that of my own.

However, unlike others, I do not discount its unique role in my life, and the environment of which it is apart. As my life full of petty human drama and insignificant squabbles takes its course, this tree will remain. It will hold strong. It will grow, as will I. This tree represents a token of the natural process of this planet and life at large.

As John Lennon once said,

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

This is true. I am not one to be content with idleness, but I am not one to be shattered by the failure of future plans to come to fruition. Therefore, I ride the wave with tentative destinations always subject to change.

Gandhi once said that,

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.”

Once we understand and accept that everything we do is insignificant in the grander cosmos of everything, that only then can we truly begin to do something of significance for our plot in this world. The wind will blow, leaves fall, and sun rise with or without us. It is what we do with this knowledge that means something.

I enjoy the things contemporary society lends me. I appreciate more the seasons, the cycles, and the birth and death of life in nature around me. Too often do we walk by the tree, without thinking  twice on all that it represents, all that it has seen, and all that it has felt.

I push to draw the similarities between both the tree and myself. With each passing second, I grow from my experience, so does the tree. The more we attempt to emulate the natural cycles of the tree, the more at peace we become with ourselves, the more understanding we develop in regard to the importance of certain things in relation to others in this life.

3 Responses to “The Tree and Me”
  1. TRQ2 says:

    “And life goes on within you and without you.” – G. Harrison

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