Q’s Song of the Day: “I’m Looking Through You” – The Beatles

This is the first of a daily installment series I will be starting called “Q’s Song of the Day.”

Today, “Q’s Song of the Day” is “I’m Looking Through You” by The Beatles.

While I digest the recent happenings in regard to my amorous relations, I begin to enter into a new relationship with some of the songs I have listened to and enjoyed for years. This particular song has always been one of my favorites, but I now see it in a new light. The song has some brilliant things happening musically, everything from the clapping accents, to the shaker, harmonies, and organ additives.

Lyrically, this song embodies the evolution of someone through time and the recognition of that change by the other. You know their tricks. You know how they think. You know that things have changed and they can never change back. The person whose eyes you stare into are not the same as before.

This song represents a unique piece of the relationship, lover to lover, that isn’t touched on much. But, does one expect anything less from the brilliance of The Beatles? I think not.

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