Q’s Song of the Day: “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” – The Beatles

Q’s Song of the Day selection is “You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles

As someone who redefines what it means to be fanatical about a band in regards to my love for The Beatles, it is only appropriate I turn to them to aid in my moments of pain, healing, and personal development. John Lennon does it again with this song. I have never been the hugest fan of the “HELP!” album, even as the huge Beatles fan that I am. It is only now that I realize that I had not yet garnered enough life experience, i.e. relationship experience, to fully understand or appreciate the album as a whole.

This song does a phenomenal job of encapsulating how I have been feeling about how the world has been looking at me when I venture out into society. I feel like I see loving couples everywhere, holding hands, kissing, touching, etc. I feel like they all look at me and judge me, as if to say, and where is your partner… ohh that’s right! It stings. John Lennon seems to capture that sentiment and posit a solution – hide your love.

I think the most poignant line in the song that sticks out, is the phrase:

“…in the state I’m in…”

It is such a state that to attempt to describe it is folly. I would never trade the state for anything, for to do so would be to forfeit everything that came before and the experience of falling in love. But, that does not mean I am okay with where I am.

The song is a complete embodiment of my state right now. Thus, it is the song of the day.

Note: If you enjoy the video above, it is from the Beatles film “HELP!” I would highly recommend a viewing. It is a fun and silly film that shows the guys in a different light than most see a lot of the time.

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