A Boy Called Sir

I’ve been referred to as “sir” quite a bit lately. I am conflicted in regards to my sentiment of this growing frequency of occurrence. I do not feel like a “sir.” It especially becomes difficult for me to digest when someone older than myself calls me “sir.” I understand the occasional facetious use of the term, but when they call me “sir” at Starbucks, when I get my car fixed, when I check out at the grocery store, etc. it really pushes a new dynamic upon my outlook on life.

Am I old enough to be referred to as “sir?” How old is old enough?

I still feel like a boy in many ways. There are so many things to come. Can it be that I have experienced enough, grown enough to a point that other people see me as a “sir?”

The ironic part of this is that I grew up a boy who used the term myself to referred to those older and those whom I was to show respect to. Am I someone to show respect to, moreso than anyone else? I am unaware.

Does anyone else have this happening to them as well, with either “sir” or “ma’am?”


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