Day 3: Tyler’s Lifestyle Change

This blog will be the first of another semi-frequent blog series about my consistent progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

So, as some of my close friends know, I have been going through quite a bit lately on a personal level. However, rather than eating myself out of a depressive state, as per my usual tendencies, I have decided to make a lifestyle change. Though it is drastic at present, the overall goal will be my prize, not to mention that a healthy lifestyle is one that can benefit one’s life most.

Today marks my third day of going to the gym. It feels great! The soreness and fatigue of working out is one of the most enjoyable pains I think anyone can experience. There is some sort of masochistic state that one must be in to work out and constantly be in the state of pain and soreness.

When I was a high school senior, I dropped a significant amount of weight and seemingly transformed my body in a single semester. However, my work ethic and dedication to this new-found healthy lifestyle was lost and its effects as well. I am recommitting myself with a newer, wiser dedication different from that of before. The fact that I did it before is only more empowerment for this time.

Going to the gym is not only difficult physically, but psychologically as well. They are well known to be a sort of meat market, none are worse than college recreation centers. I mustered up the emotionally thick skin and just went. I feel like there are too many judging eyes at the gym, but I have gotten to the point personally where I know that I am there for me and no one else. I am on my own path towards a healthy body and lifestyle. Everyone else is at a different point in their path. I can only be me and I can only do what I can do. I’ll leave the stuff that is out of my control for another to deal with. For now, I stick to what I know and push forward.

I feel amazing and can’t wait to see and feel the results a down the line.


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