Q’s Song of the Day: “Give Peace a Chance” – John Lennon

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon.

In light of the present situation going on with regard to Arizona SB1070, I felt that someone should be advocating that everyone on either side of the issue to give peace a chance. The issue at hand is one that is highly contentious and when people approach it without the notion that every single human being is to be valued and respected, then the discussion deteriorates rapidly into hate speech and emotional counters. Neither of these actions provide progress for the issue and all of those with invested interests in it.

Being Latino myself, I have certain views about illegal immigration, but I am consistently discussing the issue from fair and even grounds. Simply because someone falls on the other side of an issue neither means they are less intelligent, nor less of a human being. It simply means that have a certain set of life experiences that inclines them to a certain perspective. Only through open dialogue and understanding can we move to solve the issues we both acknowledge are existent.

This perspective is one that is not only true, but necessarily true in order for us as a society to push forward.

Note: The philosophy used in this post is due in large part to a great conversation I had with David Talenfeld and Joel Shooster. Thank you gentleman.

2 Responses to “Q’s Song of the Day: “Give Peace a Chance” – John Lennon”
  1. Joan AThey says:

    You are completely correct Tyler. Thank you for using Give Peace A Chance as a blueprint for becoming aware or coming to terms with our shared humanity. If only we could all pull together on the same rope and use the power that we actually have.

    My exhibition of photos of J and Y at the Bed-n 1969 opens October 8 at the Lake Country District Museum (Chicago areal). http://www.lcdm.org


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