Q’s Songs of the Day: “The Fool On The Hill” – The Beatles; “World Hold On” – Bob Sinclair

For neglecting my song of the day yesterday, I have doubled up on musical goodness.

Today’s double feature includes “The Fool On The Hill” by the Beatles and “World Hold On” by Bob Sinclair.

I spent the movie with my father yesterday and saw the movie Dinner For Schmucks. I had very low expectations after seeing the previews and everything, however I found myself absolutely loving it. The movie was surprisingly hilarious and had a truly captivating storyline that touched on some deep societal issues on our perceptions towards those individuals who are different, off, or unlike ourselves. I can confidently and proudly say that I will own Dinner for Schmucks.

Without further ado, I give you “The Fool on the Hill.” The song was used in the film and it fit perfectly. Paul McCartney captured the essence most of us feel at one time either seeing or being that fool on a hill. The song has a slew of dynamic elements from its arrangement to its lyrical  base. It is one of my favorite Beatles songs and I am happy to see it shared with a new generation of people.

Next on the bill is “World Hold On” by Bob Sinclair. Now, bear with me here. These two artists should probably never be mentioned in the same sentence, but today it seems appropriate. Allow me to illuminate the reasons why. When I graduated high school, I went on a European backpacking adventure. I went, with two friends, all over Europe, from Germany, to Italy, to The Netherlands, to France and more. In just about every European club we went to I heard the same song. This song had a great beat and a fun whistle chorus that was unique and catchy.

Finally, four years later, I am having drinks with my cousin, his buddy, and my best friend and there it is playing at some lounge we are at. Haha! One has to enjoy how funny life can be sometimes. I shazam that mother with my iPhone – TAH DAH! There is was! After years of searching and virtually giving up. I now pass on the European club scene of 2007 to you. Enjoy.


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