Q’s Artist of the Week: Dinah Washington

I have neglected Q’s Song of the Day for quite a few days. Therefore, I have put together a little tribute to a woman that gives me chills and lifts my sails through rough times. Now, as most of you know, I am quite the old soul and my love for music transcends generational gaps. Mrs. Dinah Washington might very well be my favorite female singer of all time. Her tone and emotive qualities are unparalleled. She sings the blues and does so so well. For those of you that have yet to spend some time with such a dulcet toned voice, please give yourself a gift on me. I have a few songs I would like to share below.

This is her biggest hit, the one everyone knows by her. The lyrics are powerful in and of themselves, but it takes her voice to bring them to immortal life in song. It is such a gorgeous song. I hope you can appreciate it, as I do.

Now, though the other song is the song she is known for, this is my favorite song of hers. There is something ominous about her voice. I live how she sings each line and leaves it. It is difficult to explain, but she will sing a line, pause, and leave you wanting more and more. And, as always, the lyrical content of the song is so beautifully powerful in its truth and picturesque quality.

The somber and piercing sincerity in this song gets me every time. Her style is so captivating, so entrancing. You want to hear what she is going to say next. You feel for her. You understand she is hurting. Such brilliance.  Enjoy!

So, that is Dinah Washington. Most know many of the other big named singers, but Dinah gets overlooked quite a bit, despite her brilliance. I hope you have found a new favorite, as I have. I fall for this woman every time I hear her voice.

2 Responses to “Q’s Artist of the Week: Dinah Washington”
  1. Gabrielle Reynolds says:

    Wow, the sound of her voice really took me back to a powerful and familiar feeling that surged through me when I was five years old peering over my fathers shoulder watching him get ready for work with a giddy hopeful glee he’d let me dance on his polished shoes before he left. You’re a different kind of guy– I can just tell you that.

    I was just browsing through my twitter and saw some of your updated blogs posted and only had enough time to really skim through this one, but from the looks of it you’re doing quite well for yourself Quillin. Good luck on all your future endeavors handsome.

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