Puppy Chronicles: Zoey Comes Home!

Tucson, Arizona is storming on a late August afternoon. I meet and friend who is giving me a puppy chihuahua from the litter his family had. She is bundled in a peach flowery towel with her little head poking out, only to be pelted with the growingly frequent rain drops falling from the storm brewing above. I hot step it to my car around the back of the building. I get in and hold her for a few minutes. She sniffs that air as to ascertain some information about where she was, who I am, and what was going on. Her demeanor is groggy and similar to that of a child awakening from a slumber.

I get her home, set her down inside, and simply watch her. She stands there for a few seconds, with a slight shake to her hind legs that comes in fits. She looks back up at me and then begins to sniff out her new home while I follow at a distance allowing her to take it all in. She finds her crate and hops right in to investigate. She nestles in for approximately three seconds before getting back up to finish her exploration.

After she got the lay of the land she wanted to get to know who I was. We played on the floor for a good half an hour as she became more and more comfortable with her new daddy.


I have just recently, as in yesterday, gotten the most adorable puppy chihuahua that I have named Zoey. She will be the inspiration of quite a few blogs to come, of this I am sure.

She is about four months old and precious. She has coloring that is similar to that of a deer, oddly enough. I have never seen a chihuahua of her coloring and I love it!

She is quite possibly one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. It has been only less than a day and she is potty trained to use the puppy pad! I can’t wait to see her grow and share our road of life together!

3 Responses to “Puppy Chronicles: Zoey Comes Home!”
  1. She’s adorable! And she’s already potty trained?! That makes everything easier! Congratulations. As I’ve said before, animals make us better people. You’ll love having her as a new friend to guide you through your last year of college.

  2. Gabrielle Reynolds says:

    If I had to pick a dog I thought the world could do without I would surely say the Chihuahua because of their reputation of being loud yappy creatures. Yet you’re spin on her personality makes her possibly the most adorable pup I’ve read about. With a name like Zoey though how can you not be loved?

    I swear I’m not stalking you’re blog 😉 This summer on an impulsive and time will only tell if perhaps moronic whim I changed my major from Pre-Med (Biology) to Journalism. One of our assignments was to start a blog and twitter this week. Not so surprisingly you were the first person I thought of because you’re one of the few people in my age bracket I consider intellectual beyond their years; I can easily soak up anything you put in writing. I might steer clear of your blogs however; you and maybe only you could make me feel insecure about my own writing no matter what past praises may be.

    –Anyway I’m off to find a topic of my own to start with before I set up an account. Take Care Quillin.

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