So Personal, But So Universal

Bright Eyes is the Bob Dylan of our generation and never ceases to astound me with his brilliance with words and music. This song, “First Day of My Life” is one of my all-time favorite songs.

There is something so deeply personal about love, yet it is one of the few things that everyone can relate to. Musicians, poets, and writers have been attempting to explain, understand, and embody the sensation of love for thousands of years. This song approaches that feeling in such a unique way. The complete ensemble of beautifully inspiring lyrics that reinvent and reinvigorate those falling sensations combined with the simplistic, yet whimsical, accompaniment brings a smile and amorous glances between each couple.

The song takes you through the thought process of someone falling in love at first sight. He recalls certain mile markers along their journey together; adoration, sacrifice, understanding. How new it all feels when you fall? Blissful. It is captured in this lover and his lady’s journey.

The video also offers what might be the sweetest video ever with its simple concept of filming couples with headphones listening to the song. You get to see the sort of affection and romantic responses the song evokes in lovers.

Enjoy one of my favorites!


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