New Project: The Commissioners – A Sports Blog

I have ventured into a new endeavor, a sports blog. Soon, I will be linking the two, so that you all get to see everything. But, for now, you can find it here. Enjoy!

Reflections On The Unspeakable Events Of January 8, 2011

For almost a week now, I have wrestled with the words to say in response to the heinous and unconscionable actions of last Saturday. I have thought at great lengths about not only what might be done or said in response to the events in general, but about what I, myself, might lend to such … Continue reading

Who Would You Cast Today?: “The Magnificent Seven”

I’d like to start a new little portion of this blog called “Who Would You Cast Today? This new segment will take classic films and attempt to recast them with today’s pool of Hollywood actors. This should be fun! To kick it off right, I will start with my favorite western of all time, “The … Continue reading