Human Being v. Human Doing

Last week, in an art course I am taking, we had a guest lesson from a gentleman who calls himself Yoshi. He is a Japanese calligrapher. He had a thick accent and his lesson was full of brilliant gems of asian philosophy that, as they always seem to do, found their way into relevance within the process … Continue reading

Dear Valentine

For those who condemn this day as a contrived corporate holiday, I am sorry. May a lover never use this day as but merely as an excuse to dote or display their amorous sentiments for the one they hold dear. May this day give the necessary nudge or significance to those shy lovers who sit on … Continue reading

Best Super Bowl XLV Commercials: Volkswagen: The Force and Chrysler’s 200: Imported From Detroit

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year goes to Volkswagen for their Star Wars childhood throwback of an ad. I have for too long sat and watched commercials that are profane, offensive, and down right ridiculous, but Volkswagen came through for me this year. Being the son of an ad man, I take it personally when companies … Continue reading