Best Super Bowl XLV Commercials: Volkswagen: The Force and Chrysler’s 200: Imported From Detroit

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year goes to Volkswagen for their Star Wars childhood throwback of an ad.

I have for too long sat and watched commercials that are profane, offensive, and down right ridiculous, but Volkswagen came through for me this year. Being the son of an ad man, I take it personally when companies hand over obnoxious amounts of money to their advertising agency to make horrendous ads, especially in the case of the Super Bowl each year.

Volkswagen took family, childhood nostalgia, innovation, and their product and, with it, made a funny and entertaining spot that not only made me remember them, but their product as well –  the new 2011 Passat.

Everyone remembers seeing Star Wars for the first time as a kid and thinking about “the force.” Could it be real? Could I be a jedi? Trying it out on simple household objects, such as the ones featured in the spot itself. To couple that great evocative memory with their innovative remote engine control in their new Passat model was brilliant. Volkswagen hit a homerun. Congrats and thank you for returning advertising to what it should be.

Chrysler’s 200 Commercial – Imported From Detroit

If the Volkswagen commercial wins for cuteness and a return to what advertising should be, this spot pushes advertising forward into what is it going to be. It features a “man’s man” narrative with a homegrown star – Eminem. It rolls out a new product and a new slogan. This is a new Chrysler vehicle and a new Chrysler, in general.

“Imported Form Detroit”

What an outstanding line? It says everything you need to know This is homegrown quality. This is a homegrown product. This is made from the hardworking hands and minds that embody what we, as Americans, hold to be dear – our work ethic and opportunity.

Best Line: “…because when it comes to luxury, it is a much about where it’s from as who is for.”

Detroit is a city that has taken the collapse of our economy in a devastating way. Chrysler instills confidence and a much needed thank you for all the hardworking men and women in Detroit still at it through the thick and thin.

A native of Detroit lends his star power to the spot, Eminem. If he isn’t the epitome of the American dream, I might not know what it is.

Not only is this a great spot about American endurance and pride, but about their product. They are selling you America. Are you buying?


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