There’s A Run of Luck

I haven’t been to faithful to this blog in quite some time. However, I hope to rekindle some inertia in the right direction with a new idea I thought about. I decided to put together a playlist blog.

If there is one thing that will never be a mystery to me, it is that I am an emotional man. I say this to preface my playlist, so that you understand the introspective and therapeutic approach I have to music in my life. Enjoy.

1. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” – Bob Dylan

Bob is an artist the never ceases to make me feel inept in my feeble attempts to communicate my sentiments in response to life’s happenings. Life has a funny way of happening at once, while also maintaining this paradoxical commonality with the rest of our kind, no matter how unique the situation is to you. Bob synthesizes our joys, our sorrows, our pain. It is as if he has felt everything there was to feel and defines the term “relate.”

“Goodbye’s too good a word babe. So, I’ll just say, ‘Fare thee well'”


2. “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles

The greatest band on the planet always has to have a say in my musical sentiments. George Harrison is always pushed to the side in conversations about The Beatles and their songwriting, but his brilliance is just so profound. This song, in particular, holds a special place for me in that it reminds me of happy time with my father and a euphoric time in my life.


3. “If I Could” – Jack Johnson

We have to remember what we control. To often we lose sight of this. That is not to say that we must lose these efforts to make things better or the way we want them.


4. “Bring It On” – Seal

Seal has this innate ability to inspire in such a groovy way. He is too good. With the challenges that await all of us, it is essential that we have the right sorts of musical numbers to reinvigorate. I think my favorite part of the song is the chorus that comes in midway through. Let’s hear it for the 90’s!


5. “Something’s Missing” – John Mayer 

This song holds dual importance for me here. Not only is it an obvious song of self-reflection, but I feeling it such a strong message about how so many people can perpetually live for tomorrow. Life is now. Life is here. Leave your future for the future. You life started yesterday. I feel that to be a big piece of that “something” that John feels is missing.


6. “As Long As I Can See The Light” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence is such a go-to band. They always have such an emotive feel with Fogerty at the helm. I love the dragging groove this track has. Coupled with the crooning vocals, the song never fails to leave me in a little more focused mood afterward. In the midst of things that can drag you down, this song reminds me of the positive tomorrow may bring.


7. “Funny How Time Slips Away” – Elvis Presley

As life goes, so it goes. Nothing like the King laying it down for those of us who have gone through those interactions with old lovers. Poignant enough for the King to sing about, poignant enough to bring up that nervous emotionally raised heartbeat you get when they come around. All things heal in time, but scars remain and every now and then seeing them raises those memories surrounding that scars birth.


8. “Make Someone Happy” – Jimmy Durante

They don’t make them like they used to. Mr. Durante is one of my all time favorites and he is always right on point. The only thing that matters is making someone happy. How simple, yet significant. Beautiful.


9. “That’s Not Me”

I think we get caught up in society’s pressures about what it means to be successful, independent, etc. But, Mr. Wilson and the boys took care of this for me. Be who you are and forget the outside. It is about the inside. You can’t be of any use to anyone until you are on the level internally. Songs like this “are me.”


10. “I Can Let Go Now” – Michael McDonald

I saved the toughest for last. This song gets me every time, even before I had been in love. Mr. McDonald captures that moment so sweetly. It’s a process and he brings you all the way through to the resolve. I think this song has a multitude of meanings and it grows to mean more every time I hear it. Chapters open and close. You have to love it and embrace the joys. I can let go now.


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