Humans are…

A song can evoke a world of experience.

A moment can hold a treasure of history.

Time can hold a painful, yet exciting constancy.

I have recently been reflecting on how I came to this very place in my life. I live in Hawai’i – a statement that I would have never dreamt of saying. I am a teacher – another truism that never would have crossed my mind. I have lived in some amazing places. I have met some brilliant, inspiring and fascinating people. I have travelled our richly diverse world, though not a lot, enough to understand its disparate worldviews. I have loved. I have lost. I have laughed. I have cried, tears of happiness and of immense pain.

In my enormously short time on this Earth, I have had the privilege of having this rich array of experience to draw on for the rest of my days.

However, it is funny… of all the memories we have, that some seem to draw our mind more often and stronger than any others, even from ones that are directly in front of us and argued by most of the world to be vastly more captivating. Humans are complex. Humans, simply put, are…



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