A Lifetime Without Country Makes For A Lot To Catch Up On…

I’ve spent a lifetime shunning country music. There was no substantive reason behind it, I just simply did not care for it. Now, I have grown up in a musical household, a father who uses music to teach me poignant lessons to this day, let alone to pay the bills in his younger years and a grandfather who was a pillar in the creation of Top 40 radio. I have always had music in my life and have used it as a solace of my own, but never has country graced the queue of my stereo, until recently. Since my grandfather passed in April, I have found myself entranced with everything from Merle Haggard to Chris Young. My musical education is vast, but it seems a Pandora’s box of musical goodies has been opened and I am loving it.

Have a listen to one of my latest favorites…

“She’s Got This Thing About Her” – Chris Young

There is something about this gentleman’s vocal intonation that I have come to really appreciate, beside the fact that the song’s lyrics are captivating. Country music, on the whole, has an unfailing ability to evoke these windswept stories or allusions that almost everyone can relate to, this song is a great instance of that. I am excited to see where Mr. Young’s career goes from here.

Bummer Alert: Unfortunately, I find myself living on the remote island chain of Hawai’i, which means this newfound infatuation with country may not be satiated by any sort of establishment out here.


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