Black SUVs

Permanent Face?As I took in the fun downtown of Chicago after work this evening, all the while in search of a reasonably priced suit, a couple black SUVs rolled up to the curb no more than an arm’s length away.

At the time, I was preoccupied with the phone, as I was on the line figuring out directions within the town I am quite new to, just 72 hours a resident.

From the front passenger door, out pops a large man with a black suit reminiscent of the Matrix. I rapidly roll through the “Mr. Anderson scene” substituting my own name in Anderson’s place. In the flash of a second, I am back to downtown Chicago on E Chicago Ave. and N Rush St.

The “agent-looking” man opens the rear door. When lo and behold, who emerges… but Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

I have a brief star-struck moment, I freeze… only regaining awareness with enough time to nod my head and say, “Mr. Mayor…” He nods back, clearly preoccupied with, I don’t know, maybe the quandaries of the 3rd largest city in the nation, particularly a teachers’ union ready to pull the trigger on a strike.

I’ve been in Chicago, IL for 72 hours. Here’s to making moves…

At least I now know where to stand now.


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