Once More, If You Will.

In search for a word from the wise, Found: wound words that excise, Those wavering ways of old, Confidence inserted, a taste of the bold. So this is what it feels like, To be one of those fear-free, Those ready and willing to strike, Simply – to – be… me, Relaxing, I just might decree. A … Continue reading

Musicians; The Illuminators

Musicians of late seem to only delve into expanding their own bounds as individuals. Within them lies a greater responsibility, for in the days of old poetry was the form of written communication that illuminated the happenings of life. Now, musicians shoulder this burden. By all means, expand one’s creative mind, but do so in … Continue reading

Provocative Poem Permeates Personal Ponderations

I cannot live with You –  It would be Life –  And Life is over there –  Behind the Shelf The Sexton keeps the Key to –  Putting up Our Life – His Porcelain –  Like a Cup –  Discarded of the Housewife –  Quaint – or Broke –  A newer Sevres pleases –  Old Ones crack –  I could not die – with You –  For One must wait To shut … Continue reading

Fly as a Fly: William Blake’s “The Fly”

Humans, as a species, are subject to making decisions and taking actions without thought. In William Blake’s poem, The Fly, he addresses this fact of life as a human and delves into the philosophical issues that arise from one action in particular, the swatting away of a fly. Blake takes the simple careless action of … Continue reading

J.M Coetzee’s “Disgrace” – Differing Reactions Lead to Differing Disgraces

Traumatic events yield differing responses from different people. J.M. Coetzee’s characters David and Lucy from his novel Disgrace are not alone in that their responses to the brutal and life-changing attack leaves them altered in their own unique ways. These differing responses of David and Lucy push the reader to ponder and inquire further into … Continue reading

Death of a Stranger: Cormac McCarthy’s “All The Pretty Horses”

“There seemed insufficient substance to him to be the object of men’s wrath” (McCarthy 177) The motivations to do certain actions in one’s life are generated from a multitude of places. In Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses, the protagonist, John Grady Cole’s, motivation to not only stay true to the mystery acquaintance, Blevins, but … Continue reading