My Wings

I once had my own span of wings protective they did seem comforting they did sing   Like a cloud they did hover In showers they did cover But I have lost my shelter When it’s clear from here That I’m still in need of her   Walk with me Lest we lose one day … Continue reading

In Memory of Ted Quillin: Your Grandpa Talked About The Good Ole Days, My Grandpa Lived Them

Early this morning, my family and I lost my grandfather, Theodore Ross Quillin. He was an exceptional human being. This exceptionalism is what brought him the hippest of scenes back in the day, radio. His rich and deep voice coupled with his fun and jovial disposition led him to popularity and success in the tough … Continue reading

Best Super Bowl XLV Commercials: Volkswagen: The Force and Chrysler’s 200: Imported From Detroit

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year goes to Volkswagen for their Star Wars childhood throwback of an ad. I have for too long sat and watched commercials that are profane, offensive, and down right ridiculous, but Volkswagen came through for me this year. Being the son of an ad man, I take it personally when companies … Continue reading

Puppy Chronicles: Zoey Comes Home!

Tucson, Arizona is storming on a late August afternoon. I meet and friend who is giving me a puppy chihuahua from the litter his family had. She is bundled in a peach flowery towel with her little head poking out, only to be pelted with the growingly frequent rain drops falling from the storm brewing … Continue reading


I have just completed my fifth week here in Washington DC. In intern years I am about ready for file for AARP and around the corner from Social Security. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime. Though that statement sounds cliché and overused, there are reasons why something becomes deemed “cliché.” I have … Continue reading

My Best Friend

Around every corner there has always been a guiding voice forming the man I am today – my father’s. If there is one person that truly understands who I am and how my mind works, it is my father. I consistently hear his voice in my head and even coming out of my own mouth … Continue reading

My Mothers, Yes There Are Two.

My mother is a woman with great intellectual aptitude and mental strength. She never ceases to amaze or impress me. From her humble beginnings in a trailer to graduating from a top-tier law school and becoming a city attorney, she is the definition of an inspirational success story. She has set the bar extremely high … Continue reading

The Night I Didn’t Simply Hear The Music, BUT Experienced It.

The Song of the Day: “Babylon Sisters” by Steely Dan (1980) The amazing and infallible groove-making style of Donald Fagen never fails to give me a pep in my step and/or a rock of my body to the beat. The man is a musical genius. I wish to share a story with you. When I … Continue reading