In Memory of Ted Quillin: Your Grandpa Talked About The Good Ole Days, My Grandpa Lived Them

Early this morning, my family and I lost my grandfather, Theodore Ross Quillin. He was an exceptional human being. This exceptionalism is what brought him the hippest of scenes back in the day, radio. His rich and deep voice coupled with his fun and jovial disposition led him to popularity and success in the tough … Continue reading

Dear Valentine

For those who condemn this day as a contrived corporate holiday, I am sorry. May a lover never use this day as but merely as an excuse to dote or display their amorous sentiments for the one they hold dear. May this day give the necessary nudge or significance to those shy lovers who sit on … Continue reading

I Fell In Love Today… Janelle Monae!

On my drive back to Las Vegas for winter break, I was fortunate to have a newly purchased album, “The ArchAndroid” by an artist by the name of Janelle Monae. Over Thanksgiving weekend my father told me about this chat he heard on NPR about their selection for “Album of the Year.” They have never … Continue reading

So Personal, But So Universal

Bright Eyes is the Bob Dylan of our generation and never ceases to astound me with his brilliance with words and music. This song, “First Day of My Life” is one of my all-time favorite songs. There is something so deeply personal about love, yet it is one of the few things that everyone can … Continue reading

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected”

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected” is a column I wrote for The Arizona Daily Wildcat on October 12, 2010. Can be found here. Imagine waking up to a world filled with acceptance, kindness and tolerance. Imagine creating a world where there was no fear of persecution, hate or violence. Imagine, if John Lennon were alive, what sort … Continue reading

Varied Versions: “Cry Me a River”

This is kind of a new venture, but I hope you enjoy it. I want to take the many difference versions of classic songs by various artists and see what I like in each, as well as hopefully inspire some participation on the reader’s behalf to tell me which one they like best as well. … Continue reading

Q’s Artist of the Week: Dinah Washington

I have neglected Q’s Song of the Day for quite a few days. Therefore, I have put together a little tribute to a woman that gives me chills and lifts my sails through rough times. Now, as most of you know, I am quite the old soul and my love for music transcends generational gaps. … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” – She&Him

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” by the duo She&Him. This song was chosen due to the fact that I am faced with shadows of the past at every turn in this town where I experienced love for the first time. Memories appear in my mind at … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” – Edith Piaf

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” and it is by Edith Piaf. I have always had this fascination with foreign languages, French and Portuguese in particular. When I was in middle school, I was very absorbed into Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto’s album “Getz/Gilberto.” For those of you who … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” – The Beatles

Q’s Song of the Day selection is “You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles As someone who redefines what it means to be fanatical about a band in regards to my love for The Beatles, it is only appropriate I turn to them to aid in my moments of pain, healing, and … Continue reading